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dragoncats_den's Journal

Dragoncat's Den
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This community was created for the purpose of keeping people updated on the goings-on of our household and the events we host.

Our household currently is: Rachael weirdodragoncat, Michael fuzzydragon, Victoria dragonchild42, and Elizabeth aliceholbart

Rachael and Michael are a married couple (in process of divorcing). Victoria is our 10 year old daughter. Elizabeth is our friend and housemate. There is also 1 male and 2 female cats that rule the house.

Our semi-regular social gathering is my 'bad movie night' where horrifically bad movies are shown and then made fun of.
We will most likely have some other sort of social thingy in-between such as a regular movie or game night. The events are child friendly unless otherwise stated.

If you are not already a member of the Yahoo group `dragoncats_den' or this LJ community or been invited by a household member, you will need to email all 3 of the adult household members telling us your name and where we know you from. If we don't know you in person, we will ask that someone we do know vouch for you.